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Jake has an addiction. Not drugs or alcohol like most of the people down his street, but adrenaline. He gambles with his life to get his fix, angering the most intimidating people he can find until they give chase. 

The adrenaline highs are short-lived and leave him with a crushing drop, until one day the unexpected happens.

Danger finds him.

He steals from the wrong man. A man, ruthless and cold, who intimidates the very air he stands in. The man wants to reclaim what was stolen from him, and pursues. 

The adrenaline rushing through Jake's body unexpectedly turns to arousal. Being at the mysterious mans mercy is a high he can't hope to chase, one he needs as much as oxygen.

For the first time, Jake wants to be caught.

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Boredom, or as Maddox liked to think of it, the slow descent into madness.  It droned in his head numbing all sensation. The mad dog of years ago no longer had his bite. His heart still thumped beneath his ribs, his lungs still expanded and lifted, but the empty chasm of boredom kept expanding. Even a betrayal didn't stir him from his stupor. He knew what he had to do, but felt nothing.

The shot rang out, not a boom but a high pitched ping and he knew he'd hit the mark. He'd never missed. 

But Ian kept on going, headlights of his car fading down the street.

Maddox stared at his hand on the gun, noting with a sense of bewilderment the tremor and the rush of pimples. He had missed. He never missed.

"Follow him," he growled, dropping the gun to the seat, "I'll kill him with my bare hands."

festive dOG

An Adrenaline Jake Christmas Novelette.

Jake struggles to find the perfect Christmas present for Maddox.

Maddox gifts Jake with the chance to ask him one question, one question he will answer honestly.

The gift expires at midnight.

Will Jake think of a question in time?

Contains mm sex and Sub/Dom themes

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fire AND sand

Life is no longer bland and lonely for Jake, he has Maddox, or more accurately Maddox has him. Even with Carl feeding doubt into his mind, Jake’s convinced what him and Maddox have is more than sex. They have a mutual need for each other, in and out of the bedroom…

But when Maddox’s house is engulfed in flames, Jake is sent away as an inconvenience. In his solitude, Jake must face some truths about him and Maddox. Alone, rejected, and with boredom driving him insane, Jake seeks out danger from the paradise he’s been trapped in.

Just like the raging fire, he can’t reason with the storm. He can’t fool it, or fake innocence, but that doesn’t stop him walking out into the sea, challenging it, demanding it knock him down. It’s dangerous, stupid, but Jake’s heart thunders in his chest, and a smile spreads his lips. There’s every chance when he’s pushed down by a wave, he won’t be returning, but he needs his fix of adrenaline, with or without Maddox. 

Guns and shadows

Following on from Fire and Sand, Maddox struggles to find out who destroyed his house. 

Fires are started, possessions are stolen, and Maddox struggles to keep his cool. 

His enemy is clever, they’ve studied him, and know what buttons to push. They taunt, and gloat, but there’s one thing they don’t know. 

The value of Jake. 

Maddox can’t let them to know about Jake…

Diamond in the rough
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The last in the Adrenaline Jake series...

The unthinkable has happened, Maddox's enemy knows Jake's worth.
He sacrifices himself to keep Jake safe, and pleads guilty to murder.
But men like Maddox aren't supposed to be locked in cages, and he plots from behind bars.

He wants revenge, and the people that threatened Jake are going to pay...

Maddox is gone. 

Locked up in GalleyHead Prison.

Jake struggles without him, and it's up to Carl to hold him together.
Maddox always finds a way, and Jake has to trust him and carry on as normal.

But events take a sinister turn, and Jake must do what he does best, run.

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