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The Love of Logan

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

First novel of the year is done, and has been sent to a small press for LGBT. Fingers, and everything else crossed, they enjoy reading Love Logan as much as I enjoyed writing.

Here's a rough synopsis:

In the forty-first century the ultimate goal in life is to gain remembrance. The floating palace is where the elite live, and where Zero wants to be. For years he’s experimented with a machine that will get him there. A machine that will change the lives of the life-forms on the island of New Fretton. A teleportation arch. Instantaneous travel.

He didn’t expect the arch to malfunction and send his life into a downward spiral. Not only did it not teleport him and brought shame to his name, but it pulled someone out of the twenty-first century time line. The human is oddly dressed, oddly named and acts…oddly. He speaks of magic, and family, and unsettles Zero. Convinced by his friend Honey, Zero realises Logan can’t stay in the forty-first century.

Time is running out to fix the arch, and Zero starts to be infected by something Logan has brought from the twenty-first century. A concept that is unheard of. Love. The thought of sending Logan home pains Zero, but he must put his forty-first century selfishness aside, and do what’s best for Logan…


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