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The Psychopath

I'm really happy to say The Psychopath is being released on the 23rd of January from Evernight-Publishing!

Quinn meets Zane. Psychologist meets Psychopath....

Here's a teaser excerpt of Zane being Zane:

Zane strolled into the office wearing his tight t-shirt that showed his ripped body. His hair was styled to perfection, and he smiled as he slid into the chair opposite. The grin on his face crinkled his eyes, and reminded Quinn of a cunning fox. There were many faces to Zane Black, and they all filled him with unease.

“I’m glad you trusted me and got rid of Mackie. How did he take it?”

“Better than you predicted.”

Zane smacked his lips and shrugged. “Looks like I’m number one now.”

Quinn narrowed his eyes. “I want to ask you about work relationships, business.”

“Okay, fire away.”

“You took over your dad’s company at a young age.”


“Did you feel pressured to do well?”

Zane flexed his face and turned away. “Not really. I was seen by my colleagues as a weak link, but I soon proved them wrong.”


“I lured them in with a naïve façade, then stabbed them in the back.”

“You sound almost proud.”

“It’s business. It’s all about confidence, forging relationships, then tearing them down at your convenience. I was brutal, and I made a killing.”

“Your work colleagues described you as two-faced.”

Zane laughed lightly and tipped his head back. “I’m sure they used stronger words than that, but yeah. Not just two faces, but many that I used to my advantage.”

“What was the end goal?”

“Make my dad proud, prove I could be who he wanted me to be, and I achieved that.”

“Power can be addicting.”

“It can.”

“Do you think you were addicted to it?”

“I like being in control. Of business, money, fast cars, conversation, sex. It’s always more fulfilling to be the one in charge.”

Quinn noted down Zane’s words, then looked up. Zane’s eyes were dark and froze Quinn in his seat.


“All this talk of power is getting me hot and bothered.”

“We can finish for today.”

“No, it’s just … with you here, I can’t help but think of sex. Being in control, driving you crazy.”

“I think it’s best the session ends here.”

Zane licked his lips, then smiled. “I had a dream about you last night, more a fantasy than a dream.”

“I don’t need to know about it—”

“It fits in with your topic of control. We were in this room, having sex.”

Quinn shook his head. “Not gonna happen.”

“I know, but in my fantasy, you were bent over the table, and I was pushing deep inside you. The sounds you were making … you loved me taking you apart, couldn’t get enough of my hands on you, and my cock throbbing between your cheeks.”

“Right enough.” Quinn brushed his papers together, and half fell on the floor.

“Have I got you flustered?” Zane smirked. “Are you stiffing up in your pants, too?”

“You need to leave.”

Zane pushed his chair back, and it scraped noisily on the floor until it hit the wall behind.

“What are you doing?”

Quinn’s mouth popped open, and he could barely breathe. Zane yanked the top of his joggers down revealing his firm cock. He gripped himself and groaned, knocking his head back into the wall.

“I know it was only a fantasy, but it felt so good inside you, tight and hot.”

Zane stroked from base to tip and swirled his thumb on the defined glans of his erection. Quinn’s own cock jolted in response, desperate to be free, but Quinn denied it, and turned to the panic button on the wall.

“You know you don’t really wanna do that,” Zane murmured.

Zane’s hand moved faster, firmer, drawing moisture from the tip that shined in the light. Quinn’s open mouth dried, and his pulse jackhammered in his neck. He darted a look to the window in the door, fearing someone would pass by.

Zane shushed him gently. “That’s why I’m back here. No one can see me, only you. You’re my private audience.”

Quinn tried to glare, or frown, or pull some face of disapproval, but instead his eyebrows twitched, and a shrill sound escaped his mouth. He could hear the wet slide, see the glistening layer of pre-cum being stroked into Zane’s red flesh, and it was driving him crazy. Quinn panted, and clutched his erection through his trousers.

“Stop,” he whimpered.

“I’ll stop when I finish, not long now. I can’t hold it in.”

Quinn looked up just in time to see Zane orgasm. He closed his eyes, the strings in his neck pulled tight, and his lips formed the name Quinn as he came. Lines of cum slapped down on the floor, thick, and shining, and Zane huffed and heaved as he squeezed the last drops from his cock.

“I’ve been saving it.”


“Wanted to impress you with my load. What could’ve been left inside you if we indulged in my fantasy.”

Quinn’s mouth bobbed like a fish. “That shouldn’t have happened.”

Zane leaned over, so he could peek under the table. “You’re hard.”

Quinn removed his hand from his crotch and pressed his palm to the table.

“Come over here, and I’ll sort you out.”

Quinn shook his head.

“No one can see us from here. Let me help you—”

Quinn stood up abruptly and grabbed the empty folder on the table. He held it to his crotch as he burst out the room. He didn’t lift his gaze high enough to look anyone in the eye, and found himself in the men’s toilet, stroking his cock until he came in a handful of tissue paper.

Oh Zane, you dirty tease ;)

Louise <3


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