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One for Sorrow-complete.jpg

One for Sorrow

The press nickname him “The Countdown Killer”, branding his victims with a number, but Chad knows him as Romeo. Captured by the killer he’s hunting, Chad’s situation seems dire, but Romeo doesn’t want to kill him because Chad doesn’t fit his pattern.

Instead, he’s keeping Chad for two months, hiding him away where no one will find him, making sure Chad can’t reveal who he is. Romeo is not going to hurt Chad; he’s going to let him go—but only once he’s claimed number one.

But in two months with only the killer for company, a bond begins to grow. They’re not detective and killer, but Chad and Romeo. It’s wrong, but in their messed-up situation, it feels right.

Still, Chad is a detective, and his duty is to the public, to keep them safe. And if that means betraying the man he’s learned to rely on, then so be it…

two for joy1.jpg

Two for Joy

Locked up in a maximum-security prison, Romeo’s highlight each week is a visit from Chad. Despite his friends, colleagues, and therapist all telling Chad to stop, he can’t, and he becomes the only joy in Romeo’s boring, bleak life.

More than his need to kill, he needs Chad to live, but a Copycat killer has other ideas.

At first flattered, Romeo relishes the new killer's triumphs, but as he countdown his victims, Romeo realizes the danger Chad’s in, not only from the killer, but from his colleagues, and even more alarmingly, himself.

Romeo must do something drastic to reunite the Monster and the Magpie, but the Copycat is closing in on Chad fast, and he’s intent on doing the one thing Romeo couldn’t, concluding his countdown, and claiming number one…

three for a girl.jpg

Three for a Girl

If they can get through the first case, they’ll get through any—that’s what Chad tells himself. But juggling his career and his relationship isn’t easy.

The monstrous part of Romeo gnaws away under the surface. His dark moments leave Chad uncomfortable, and when they accumulate into an attack, it leaves Chad shaken.

A guilt-ridden Romeo disappears and Chad’s quest for a normal life falls apart around him. He needs Romeo, his monster, his saviour and if that means turning his back on a normal life ... so be it.

Four for a Boy

four for a boy cover.jpg

The compromise is working.
They’re happy…
Chad thinks.

But when Romeo reveals his fantasy to Chad, their carefully crafted life comes undone.
Romeo wants Chad to kill their next victim, but it’s a line he can’t cross, being the killer, not just enabling one.
That’s a step into the grey that he’s not prepared to take.
But what will happen if he tells Romeo no?
Will he leave?
Or worse, will he make Chad cross the line?

There’s a killer on the loose, and they’ve kidnapped number four.

It’s a race against time to solve the case and save a life, but as the pieces come together, Chad realizes he has more in common with this killer than he ever thought possible…

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