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21 things to achieve in 2021

It's a new year, but it feels a lot like the last one...funny that.

I'm Louise, writer of gay gritty romance, and steamy erotic novellas.

I'm from the UK, where we eat fish and chips in newspaper, bangers and mash with loads of gravy, hash browns (not that kind of hash) with a full English Breakfast and devour tea and scones in abundance in the summer time. (I'm missing the summer, can you tell?)

I'm setting myself some goals this year, twenty one to be exact, and these are all to do with writing/publishing. (I have other goals too, the same ones every year, lose weight, eat better, learn a language, learn to drive, but I still haven't achieved these yet!)

I'm gonna dive straight in to my 2021 goals list!

Realistic goals (Fingers crossed)

1) Make a paperback.

2) Take photo of ‘said’ paperback.

3) Probably shed a tear of joy over ‘said’ paperback.

4) Be more active on social media.

5) Blog once a week.

6) Read more books.

7) Release four stories.

8) Write a Halloween release.

9) Find a team of beta readers.

10) Push myself as an introvert.

It would be an absolute dream to hold a paperback this year, breathe in the pages and feel like this is mine, I did this. (Before no doubt finding a load of typos and a chasm of a plot hole.)

The optimistic goals (Fingers and toes crossed.)

11) Release six stories.

12) Stick to my chosen series’s.

13) Complete writing a series!

14) Commission a piece of artwork for one of my books.

15) Complete a writing challenge.

16) Complete a reading challenge.

17) Earn enough to cut back from the day job.

I'd love to commission an artist to create an atmospheric picture for One for Sorrow or a art print of Maxim the gladiator in all his muscular glory.

The very unlikely goals

18) Develop a device to stop time so I can write more.

19) Clone a copy of myself to go to work on my behalf.

20) Create the perfect alcoholic beverage to block the crippling fear of failure.

21) Leave my day job and write full time.

Quitting my day job is the ultimate goal not for 2021, but life!

There's my 2021 goals.

Hopefully I'll tick them off (or at least the doable ones) during the year ahead.

Anyone else have twenty-one goals to share?

Happy New Year + Happy Reading!

Louise <3


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