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Adrenaline Jake

Adrenaline Jake is an adaption of a stucky (Steve & Bucky) fanfic I wrote on AO3.

Originally, 'Jake' stole a painting from 'Maddox' and tricked him with a forgery. Maddox punished him, they both found they liked the 'punishment' but Maddox didn't want to take things any further. He soon changed his mind when Jake was kidnapped and rushed off to save him.

'Swoon' <3

In Adrenaline Jake, Maddox saves Jake on a driveway and kills Richie with a single blow, but the rescue in the fanfic was a little different. I've changed names, and the painting to a diamond, but this is the rescue moment of 'Yours for the Taking' AKA The original Adrenaline Jake...

****Trigger warning for intended rape****

They were going to use him.

By the sudden sex-fuelled pupils glued to him, and the intrigued murmurs, Jake could guess in what way. Being bludgeoned or having his throat slit were preferred to being leered at and touched by a gang of Richie’s men.

Someone yanked the chair backwards and he fell to the ground.

His knees throbbed and helplessness grabbed him.

On his knees at crotch height, he was vulnerable, more so than the times he’d been at Maddox’s mercy.

If they tried putting anything in his mouth, he was biting it; he would tear the shit out of any of them. It would speed things along; they were bound to beat him to death if he severed one of their cocks.

“I see why Maddox would use ya’re a looker.”

Jake swallowed against his closing throat. “And you are not.”

The replying backhand stung his cheek and fuzzed his hearing. A ringing persisted, as if someone had detonated a bomb nearby.

He shot the man a crazed smile.“That all you got?”

Another fast slap, and his blood spat on the blood. It trickled from his lip, and he welcomed the warmth running down his chin.

“You’ve done it now boy, no more easing you into this.”

Yes—Jake’s brain chanted. Smack me about, slap me in the face, hit me in the head until everything numbs. He wanted to detach from the pain like he was observing an event rather than feeling it.

The air whooshed from his lungs when his back met the ground. The man slammed him down again, but Jake was denied the luxury of unconsciousness. An elbow plunged into his ribs and he spluttered out blood.

He closed his eyes.

A pleased laugh rumbled, and the hairs on Jake’s arms stood up. The man reached for Jake’s pants and he clawed at the hands trying to open them, but a punch to the face ended his fight back.

“See, just playing hard to get aren’t ya.”

Jake bit into his bottom lip, aggravating the slice until it bled more. If this was going to happen, he would not scream.

He would not beg for it to end.

His one goal was to stay quiet, as if he couldn’t feel what was happening, and then he’d tell the guy so. He’d hold back his despair and laugh at him. Humiliate him in front of all his fellow rapists.

“Get. Off. Him.”

Three words.

Not the three words of romantic movies and books, but three words that held ten times more meaning. That gravelly angry voice could only be Maddox’s. He had come to save Jake’s ass, or kill his rivals, Jake wasn’t sure which but frankly didn’t care.

Guns were drawn but nobody dared fire, even when Maddox strolled from the darkness no one broke the silence, it would be the death of all of them.

Maddox wasn’t alone.

Tom, Amber and Carl were with him.

Jake didn’t think it was possible for Carl to look terrifying but even his expression chilled Jake’s bones.

“Give him to me.”

Those four words sounded even sweeter and Jake let out an embarrassing squeak.

Richie appeared, clapping his hand in mock applause. “How did you find us?”

Jake had wondered the same, but Maddox seemed to have spies everywhere.

Maddox didn’t answer. A tried sigh came from him but that was his only reaction, bored by the predictable question.

“This doesn’t have to end in violence.” Richie muttered.

Maddox wagged his finger in Jake’s direction. His heart ceased, close to stopping with dread but the menacing finger wag wasn’t meant for him but the man beside him.

“He’s dying no matter what goes down.”

“Okay. As a gift to you and to calm things down a notch...I give you Dave.”

Dave drained of all colour, a ghost, jittery and wailing, he twirled on the spot, and bolted towards the darkness but Maddox was quick, one shot with bull’s-eyes accuracy. Dave’s body went rigid as it fell, hitting the concrete with a wet slap.

Nobody even checked him, they all watched it happen, and moved their attention back to the situation at hand like it was routine, nothing out of the ordinary.

Richie grabbed Jake’s arm and pulled him close. “Now that’s taken care of, let’s talk about our little trade. The diamond, for your boy toy.”

“The diamond for him.” Maddox said coldly and everyone from Richie’s side sagged with relief.

The tension evaporated and there were even some small smiles, not mocking or jesting, but ones that said they were happy to be alive.

“I got it out of the museum, assumed you’d want it.”

Maddox flicked his head toward Tom, and he retreated into the darkness only to return a few minutes later with a small box. It was Richie’s turn to flick his head at his men; none of them wanted to move but eventually one took the box from Tom.

“Check it...”

Richie’s man nodded. “It’s a diamond.”

“Good.” Richie said.

Maddox took a step forward. “Now give him to me.”

Jake willed it, if he had the energy he would’ve fought to get out of Richie’s hold but he was so drained, he wasn’t going to be able to walk the few meters towards Maddox, but he’d happily collapse in a heap on the floor once Richie released him.

“Now!” Maddox demanded and the tension ramped right back up.

Richie wasn’t letting him go, his finger curled tighter around Jake’s bicep.

Maddox vibrated with rage, the lines of anger that cut through his skin were feral. He looked like a beast, ready to attack.

“Okay.” Richie laughed. “Look, I’m letting him go.”

He tugged Jake back sharply and raised his gun at Maddox. The shot rang out, followed by another.

Jake froze in horror as all hell broke loose. Guns blared, everyone shouted and Maddox fell.

Maddox had been shot.

Jake had seen the blood flying through the air, spraying from his body.

In the chest, right near his heart.

Richie hauled him backwards out of the building.

Maddox had fallen.

Maddox hadn’t got up.

His heels caught on the ground as Richie dragged him across the road.

“Get in.”

Jake stared back blankly, not recognizing the words, not translating them into meaning. The inability to reply was met by Richie taking Jake’s t-shirt in his fists and forcing him into the trunk.

He slammed the lid down and plunged Jake into darkness.

Maddox had fallen.

The heat in the trunk was stifling, the vibrating of the engine turned his stomach, but the moment in the warehouse played over and over. Maddox had been shot.

Jake jolted up and down and bumped painfully into the sides. The car screeched, lurched and he willed the damn thing to crash, crash and explode.


He wanted it.

He thought his prayers had been answered when he felt light, like gravity was failing and letting him soar.

If this was death, it wasn’t so bad.

It had a magical quality to it, floating away to nothing. He hoped Maddox had waited for him, not gone too far into the darkness before he had a chance to catch up.

The odd weightless feeling stopped with a smash and the jolt gave him whiplash. It wasn’t the sound cars made when they crashed in films, not the crash of metal or glass exploding. The trunk grew colder, and wetness soaked Jake’s clothes.

He wasn’t to be graced with a fast death but a slow lingering one where he drowned in the dark.

It was no less than he deserved, his adrenaline need had led him there, and had killed Maddox on the way.

He didn’t welcome the adrenaline this time.

It added to the terror and made him hyper aware of the rush of water, its cold touch, the space in the trunk disappearing. He pressed his lips to the top, panting in air. His heart thundered, his brain ran riot and he took one final gulp.

He held his breath for as long as he could, but the breath he was forced to take after his lungs had emptied, the one of pure water put his body in spasm.

Conflicting messages battled in his brain.

The need to breathe but the fear of death.

Water burned up his nose and down his throat until his body tried to expel it.

He lost all composure and rationality and screamed for his life. There was no sound, only more water filling him until his chest ached, until he felt like it concaved.

He was already in the dark, but somehow the black intensified, his head fuzzed, he lost all sensation.

Jake shut his eyes, or he thought he did.

There was only darkness.

Then there was more pain—how could there possibly be more? The new one felt like blistering in his lungs, and a pressure on his chest came in waves. All his bones compressed with each thrust and what felt like lava surged up his throat. He needed it out and he vaguely knew his head was being turned and he was spluttering on whatever was burning him.

“Breathe Jake!”

There were arms cradling him; when he opened his eyes, he saw them as well as felt them, bulging as they held him to a muscular chest. Jake forced his head back, wincing at the pain but he needed to see Maddox.

Concern shone bright in Maddox’s eyes.

He stared intently into each of Jake’s and squeezed him tight. His hair dripped onto Jake’s face, and his arms were wet.

The car, Jake’s frazzled mind remembered, he’d been trapped in the trunk.

He sagged back into Maddox’s arms and basked in his worry. His normally unbothered eyes shone, and his brow twitched. It was the most emotion he’d ever shown, he didn’t even have to speak, Jake could see the worry, relief and hope all battling to be shown on his stone features.

Maddox drew him into a hug, forcing Jake’s head into his neck. It was the second time they had embraced, and this time it was Jake who didn’t reciprocate. He had no strength in his arms but let himself be held and sobbed into Maddox’s skin.

Maddox had fallen, but he’d gotten back up again and rescued him.



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