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Diamond in the Rough

The last Adrenaline Jake will be released on May 3rd!

Here's an excerpt from Diamond in the Rough:

“You look like shit.”

The words blurted out of their own accord, and Jake slapped his hand to his mouth, wishing he could take them back. He widened his eyes and waited with bated breath, but Maddox just grinned at him.

“Funny, these clothes reminded me of you.”

Jake narrowed his eyes, then gestured to his uniform. “Who’s wearing the shirt and trousers now, huh?”

“Not for long,” Maddox murmured, curling his finger to encourage Jake closer.

Jake couldn’t get across the room fast enough. He pressed himself to Maddox’s front and slotted his face into his neck. Maddox curled his arms around Jake and nestled his prickly chin in Jake’s hair. It was only a hug, but Jake felt the weight of the past few days leave him. The confusion in his head settled, and he pressed himself into the warmth in front of him. He sunk into comfort until his knees weakened and the jitteriness in his limbs seeped away. Maddox stiffened, probably when he realized he was the only thing keeping Jake upright.

“Okay?” he murmured.

Jake nodded into Maddox’s neck. “Yeah, I am now, but how did you get out?”

“I know a lawyer that relishes a challenge.”

Jake pulled back and looked up at Maddox. His eyes looked worse close up, wild and strained.

“Why here?”

“Where we truly began,” Maddox said, detaching himself from Jake. “I thought it was fitting. Do you remember?”

There was no way Jake was ever going to forget the beginning. He’d been stripped, tied up, and hanging. He remembered the powerful aura of Maddox before he’d even seen him.

“You terrified me.”

Maddox turned away from Jake and snorted. “Excited you too.”

“Maybe a little.”

Maddox shot a look over his shoulder. “A lot.”

“Fine, a lot,” Jake mumbled at his feet.

“Do I still excite and terrify you?”

“Not so much the latter.”

Maddox’s eyebrows shot up. “I’m losing my touch.”

“No, I just know you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me. Or if you did, you’d soon make it right.” Jake stopped and licked his lips. “You’d make me feel better. Better than I felt before.”

Maddox stalked forward, and Jake knew the gentle beast who had squeezed him in a hug was gone. He’d dropped the farce and bent down to kiss Jake how he wanted to, how he needed to. Jake curled his arms around Maddox’s neck and let his tongue be bullied. Maddox’s tongue glided, twirled, and danced as Jake struggled to keep up, struggled to match his skill. There was no competition. Maddox owned him, and he let his mouth fall slack as Maddox tasted it, touched it, and caressed it with his own, growing more enthused the less Jake fought against the kiss.

He was backed into the wall, and the air left his chest. His cock was already at full mast and trapped painfully inside his work trousers.

Maddox growled, “Take your clothes off.”

Maddox stepped back and began stripping. Jake tried to focus on the order Maddox had given him, but his mind screeched to a halt when Maddox yanked his clothes off like a stripper. Not one part of his body looked anything but perfect, anything but edible. Jake trailed his eyes along Maddox’s tattoo, wishing he could follow the path with his tongue. His cock jutted out from his body, full and proud, and Jake curled forward, wanting it in his mouth.

"Clothes Jake."

Jake straightened and knocked his head into the wall. The back of his skull throbbed, but he knew it served him right. The sight of Maddox’s cock had put him in a trance when it should have been his voice.

Jake unbuttoned his shirt with shaking hands, then unlatched his trousers and slipped them off. Maddox raised his eyebrow, and Jake quickly removed his boxers and his socks.

He shivered, half with anticipation, half with genuine cold. Maddox smirked, then pointed to the floor.

“Lie down.”

Lying on the concrete wasn’t appealing, but Jake did as he was told and gasped at the touch of ice on his spine. The cold at his back didn’t deplete his erection. It slapped against his stomach, and just that small bit of stimulation made him whine. For three days he’d been wound up so tight, blood simmering, mind whirling, and finally, the one man who could cure all that was above him.

Louise <3

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