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New Recruit (Echo-One-Zero)

New Recruit releases on Wednesday, here's a excerpt of Shepherd fixing up Becket:

Shepherd reached across the bed to grab a towel, flashing Becket a glimpse of his hip. It was the perfect handle for Becket to grip if Shepherd were to climb onto his lap. Becket shook the thought away and willed his mind to stay focused. After his head was sorted, then he could seduce the young soldier.

Shepherd cupped the back of Becket’s neck and angled his head forward.

“Hold the towel over your face, I’m gonna flush it the wound with saline.”

“Got it.”

Becket gritted his teeth at the sting, and the saline rushed forward, soaking the towel.

“It’s looking good.”

“You sure you’re a doctor? I’m feeling worse than when I came in here.”

Shepherd snorted, then tugged the towel from Becket’s grip.

“I meant it’s nice and neat. I won’t need to stitch it.”

He tossed the towel on the bed, and Becket looked at the pink streaks staining the material.

“Here comes the glue.”

“Round two.” Becket said.

The glue only needed a few minutes to set. Shepherd pinched the wound closed as he waited.

“You should try to keep it dry…”

“No can do, I’m in need of a shower, unless you’re offering to sponge-bathe me?”

“Just try. I’ll put some tape on, too.”

Shepherd pressed the small strips on the wound, and it was only when the last one was pressed across the cut that the pain flared.

Becket hissed, and his hands shot up, gripping the back of Shepherd’s thighs. It had been completely unintentional, but the gasp it earned him had his cock throbbing to life. He gazed up at Shepherd, and a surge of pride throbbed in his chest when Shepherd’s lashes fluttered and his lips parted.

Doctor Shepherd had vacated the building, and flustered Shepherd had returned. Becket didn’t remove his hands from Shepherd’s legs. He grinned up at him when he saw pink building in his cheeks, and darkness swirling in his eyes.

“What are you doing?” Shepherd asked.

Becket crept his hands higher, sliding up the back of Shepherd’s thighs until he found the curve of his ass. He kept touching until his palms were pushing against the perfect globes. Becket bit his lip to keep his groan at bay.

The baggy combats didn’t do Shepherd’s rear justice. He felt perfect in Becket’s hands, and his aroused thoughts rearranged themselves. He wanted one hand on Shepherd’s perfect ass, and one hand on his hip while he thrusted up into Shepherd’s eager body.

“I’m touching your ass.”

Shepherd’s hands found Becket’s shoulders, and he held on. “Why?”

“I want you, and I think you want me, too.”

“You don’t know me… We’ve just met.”

“I could get to know you, in very intimate ways.”

Shepherd shook his head, but his body betrayed him. His eyes slid shut, and he lifted his chin, stretching out his neck in a gesture that said I’m yours, come get me.

Becket pulled Shepherd towards him, and he stumbled slightly, until his flat stomach pressed into Becket’s face. He inhaled the scent. Sweeter than sweat, it made his mouth water, and he growled before closing his teeth around a wrinkle in Shepherd’s t-shirt.


Shepherd yanked himself back, and Becket glanced up in confusion. A soldier had walked into the room, belt undone, and fingers eagerly picking at his top button. He looked down at his crotch, unaware Becket was sitting there.

When he finally looked up, he squawked and threw himself backwards.


Shepherd scratched the back of his head, seemingly at a loss of what to do. He pointed at Becket, then to the door. “Becket was just leaving.”

“Was I?”

“Yes, you was … I mean yes you are.”

Becket didn’t bother trying to cover up his erection. He stood up, and the soldier that had interrupted them gawped at his package, then looked over to Shepherd.

“Nothing happened,” Shepherd said quickly.

“What you talking about? You stopped the throbbing in my swollen head.”

“He means the head … on his head.”

“Yeah, my other head is still throbbing and swollen, begging you for help, but you’re turning me away.”

“Out,” Shepherd blurted.

“Yes, Doc.”

Becket chuckled and strolled across the room. He shot Shepherd a parting smile, then fled through the door. Only when he was far enough away, did he stop and sag in disappointment. Of course Shepherd had someone at the base. He was cute, and it would’ve been a waste of his perfect ass if he wasn’t being regularly groped and manhandled, but Becket wished it could’ve been him.

There had definitely been desire emitting from Shepherd in waves, Becket knew he could exploit the lust and seduce him, but he didn’t want to leave heartbreak and destruction after he left. If soldiers could find happiness in the dust plains of death, he wasn’t going to mess it up no matter how hard his cock ached, or his pride shriveled.

Shepherd was not his to take.

Or was he? Dun Dun Duuuun.... Louise <3


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