• Louise Collins

The Beach Brat

I'm going to attempt a sweet romance. When I say sweet romance, I mean there will be sweet moments in an otherwise angst ridden narrative. That's a close as I can get to writing fluff, but hopefully it will qualify as sweet romance. Eeek.

Arrogant, and adorable, that's how Finn would describe Brody, AKA, the beach brat. He's known on the sands as an over-confident surfer, but Finn see's him differently. The arrogance hides the adorable qualities he possesses, but Finn catches them out of the corner of his eye.

A surfing accident pushes them together, and Finn helps Brody recover his confidence on the waves. Finn likes the beach brat, wants to know him, but Brody doesn't make it easy. Sometimes arrogance can be a mans downfall, and Brody finds out the hard way.


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