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The Bond of Three

After umming and ahhing about releasing The Bond of Three, I just went for it. Casio didn't translate well as the hero, but i love his insecurities, and worries. He learns from them.

In many ways, I can understand why his character might be disappointing for those expecting a big beefy Alpha, who has endless amounts of confidence, but I like him flawed.

Here's the synopsis for The Bond of Three:

Casio is a patient Alpha, but doubts himself as head of the pack. He relies on the signs from the earth, and his best friend Raul, to guide him on the right path.

Patrick, another Alpha, questions Raul’s loyalty. He tells Casio, Raul is after Falen, Casio's intended omega. At first Casio scoffs at the idea, but over time he starts to believe Patrick’s words. Jealousy can poison a goods mans mind, and Patrick helps it infect Casio. Hurt, humiliated and betrayed, Casio banishes Raul from the pack.

The earth punishes Casio for his selfishness. It shakes and shudders and destroys their den. The deer herd moves on, their water is muddied, and a red moss brings sickness to the pack. Casio exhausts himself trying to take care of everyone, as Patrick continues to feed poison in his ear.

Falen’s heat hits and Casio decides both he and Raul need to bond with Falen to make the omega happy. A bond of three is unheard of, but Casio is determined to make it work.

He expects his bond to be rewarded by the earth, but more is to come before they can live peacefully again...

I won't always please everyone with what I write, but I must remain loyal to myself, and my characters. It's all a learning curve, one big long journey, and I won't always get it right, but Casio, as well as my other characters, are along for the ride. <3


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