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The Freshman

It's throwback Thursday and since I'm currently writing a new prison romance, I thought I'd look back at my first one: The Freshman.

I've written a blog post before about how different it was to now.

It *even* had a doctor and patient kink going on during a very smutty scene! (Nate was a paramedic in the first draft, and Alife was an actual freshman in need of some cash.)

Unrecognisable to how it is now.

Below is the moodboard I made after I changed the setting to prison:

But what happened to Nate and Alfie after the events of The Freshman?

Did they get their HEA?

Lets assume so.

I won't be writing a sequel to The Freshman, but that doesn't mean I didn't think about it.

There are loose ends for sure.

Where did Nate get his money from? And who were the people that saved him, and eventually, Alfie?

Perhaps the crime Nate committed wasn't solely his, maybe there had been a group of them that committed murder so gruesome I never revealed it on-page.

Maybe Nate took the fall for ten long years while the group worked out a way to get him out.

And maybe, just maybe, they weren't pleased when they sprung Nate from prison and he turned around and demanded they get Alfie too.

Maybe that created tension between the group.

Maybe one of the group was angry at Nate, for putting them in jeopardy again when they'd already pulled off the impossible.

Maybe one of the group hated Alife and was jealous of Nate's attachment to him.

Maybe one of the group hoped Nate would be up for committing more murder and got angry when he refused.

Maybe he thought about kidnapping Alife to punish Nate...

I'll stop teasing you now.

The truth is I did think about making a sequel with the plot points above, but in the end, I didn't. The Freshman worked because it was in prison. It worked because Nate was a mystery and his intention towards Alife was unknown.

I wouldn't be able to create the same tension with them again, a sequel would've been Nate going all alpha-male trying to get Alife back, don't get me wrong, I love that trope, but it didn't work here.

It would've taken away from The Freshman.

I left them as a mystery...

Louise <3


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