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Wanting the Wolfman!

The cover for Wanting the Wolfman is out, and I think Alexandria Corza did a great job. Below is the blurb and an excerpt from the book.


Can love be more than a memory?

Three years ago, an attack cost Joel his leg… and his memories. Though he was told a dog he’d befriended savaged him, he has one hazy recollection: the stunning silver eyes of a wolf… or maybe a man. Desperate for the truth, he struggles back into the woods where his life changed in search of his animal friend.

When he finds the wolf who has stalked his thoughts, he demands it reveal its true form, and he meets Guy, the man within the wolf. Guy is guarded, but the wolf knows Joel belongs with them, and gradually, Guy can only agree. Things fall into place, but then Joel inadvertently exposes the man and the wolf he’s coming to love.

Guy and the wolf are forced to flee, but can Joel follow?

Cover designer: Alexandria Corza

Author Bio:

Louise lives in not-so-sunny London. When she’s not guzzling cups of sugary tea or braving the dreary weather, she’s usually found daydreaming stories. A lover of romance, she believes it’s better with a little angst and obstacles along the way. She loves dogs, particularly the wolfy-looking kind, which explains her love of werewolf and shifter novels.

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The wolf whined, but when Joel had the strength to sit up, he had gone.

He shook his head with a sob. “No, please don’t leave me—please.”

There was no answer, no shadow moving in the trees. Joel spluttered on his tears, and the sounds his throat made were squealing and despairing, but he wasn’t embarrassed.

“I need you!” he shouted. “Please… I know what you are. I know you’re a man, and I-I need you.”

Joel drew his knees to his face and sobbed into the dirty material, heaving for breath. Three long years of pent-up tears escaped into his shorts. His cheeks felt puffy and his eyes burned. He sniffled to stop his nose running but made no attempt to lessen the tears. The release was needed.

When he glanced up, he froze at the sight of the wolf before him. The wolf stood statue-still a few meters from where Joel was aggressively rocking his knees. No blink of his eye or twitch of his nose. He stood to attention.

Joel rearranged himself down on his knees with his hands in a prayer pose.

“Please, please don’t go. I won’t tell anyone, I swear. I have to know I’m not crazy.”

The wolf turned away, huffed at the sky before settling his attention on Joel again.

Joel opened his mouth to plead some more, but there was no need. The wolf shuddered and changed his form. The hair fell like pine needles off a tree, and bones and flesh twisted and changed.

The man stood before him, naked and as intimidating in size as the wolf. He looked at Joel with the striking silver eyes and the briefest of smiles. He opened his lips, but before he spoke, he rubbed at his throat, cracking his neck left to right.

“I think we’re all a bit crazy, Joel.”


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