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Will The Freshman get a sequel?

I thought about it, but in the end, decided to leave their future a mystery. I liked creating the tension between Nate and Alfie and the prison setting was vital.

Will you go back to writing The Bond of Three or Saving the Superman.

The short answer is regrettably no. These series's were both abandoned, hence they're no longer on sale. I lost passion for the projects and after some not-so-friendly comments directed at myself rather than the stories, I decided to stop and focus on something else.

Are you planning to write anymore Prison romances?

Yes :) 

I'm hoping to write a series with reoccurring characters. I paused the project after I ran into difficulties writing it, but thankfully, I can see a way through the problems and I'm looking forward to writing them in 2021.

How come your Dark Romances aren't actually that dark?

I agree, they're not as dark as they could be.

My dark romances are published by evernight, and they've been very good to me. I have to fit with their guidelines, and waiting to receive their feedback is always nerve-wracking in case my ideas are rejected.

I used to write darker fanfiction (They're still out there in the stucky fandom) but toned it down. I may write a dark story in the future and independently publish but who knows, at the moment I'm happy sitting on the fence between dark and light, jumping back and forth but not committing.

What are you currently writing?

Are you a Full Time writer?

Unfortunately not.

I have a day job in a supermarket or grocery store depending on where you're from.

With covid, work got manic, (it still is) my hours increased and I've been more exhausted than ever, pair that with the kids being off for six months, and my writing rate vanished.

I've struggled to get it back but I'm hoping 2021 will be kind to all of us.

Where did your idea for Adrenaline Jake come from?

When I was writing stucky fanfiction an anon sent me a request to write mafia Steve, and his kept boy, Bucky.

I wrote a fanfic called Yours for the Taking, with Bucky stealing a painting from mafia boss Steve. I really enjoyed writing the fic, and developed the characters into Jake and Maddox while getting rid of the painting (In favor of a diamond)

I enjoyed writing the series, and Jake and Maddox have a special place in my heart (Along with Carl)

How many will be in the Magpie Rhyme series?

It's a very good question, and I don't know the answer.

I'm waiting to see if there's a demand for more after Three for a Girl.

You might all hate it, and mentally I'm already preparing just in case.

After The bond of Three and Saving the Superman, I'm reluctant to promise more in a series or plan ahead.

I will say, One for Sorrow, Two for Joy and Three for Girl, sort of work as a set.

If I did continue, the next three would act as a set too, giving a few months breathing space from the end of Three for a Girl.

The other problem with continuing the series is Evernights guidelines. They're a romance publisher first, and they expressed their concern that Three for a Girl veered away from their core value.

There is a romance between Chad and Romeo, but with Chad restarting his career, there's a strong crime, detective element too. If I were to continue, I might have to do so away from Evernight because their relationship runs parallel with Chad's job and both aspects are important.

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