Will The Freshman get a sequel?

I'll never say never, but currently I'm not thinking of writing a follow up with Nate and Alfie. 

What happened to The Bond of Three series?

Originally I planned to write five novellas in this series, but after some not so good reviews, I lost passion for the project and took them off Amazon. Maybe one day in the future I'll go back to them and see what I can salvage. But I'd love to write another A/B/O story one day.

Will there be a follow up to Saving the Super-man: Choices?

Like The Bond of Three, I originally wanted this series to be longer, but a combination of negative feedback and a loss of direction had me stalling. I do hope to write the third this year to, at the very least, to give Kaz and Evan a HFN.

Are you planning to write anymore Prison romances?

I have an idea for another prison romance, although it won't be dark. I need to get the tone of the characters right. I'll only write this once I've at least looked at Saving the Super-man and finished what I'm working on.

How come your Dark Romances aren't actually that dark?

I agree, they're not as dark as they could be. My dark romances are published by evernight, and they've been very good to me. I have to fit with their guidelines, and waiting to receive their feedback is always nerve-wracking in case my ideas are rejected. I used to write darker fanfiction (They're still out there in the stucky fandom) but toned it down. I may write a dark story in the future and independently publish but who knows, at the moment I'm happy sitting on the fence between dark and light, jumping back and forth but not committing.

What are you currently writing?

I'm currently working on Three for a Girl, the sequel to Two for Joy.

We're back in Chad's head space, and he's having a tough time juggling his relationship with Romeo and his new job. I know some readers would have preferred I ended with Two for Joy, and Romeo and Chad starting their happy ever after.

If you like the HEA of Two for Joy and feel satisfied with the conclusion I understand why you might not want to continue, but the writer in me wasn't done with Chad and Romeo.

Can a serial killer with a monster ever silence it and be happy?

Can a detective with a detrimental desire to be good, ever achieve it?

Can a detective and a monster have a HEA at all?

Are you a Full Time writer?

Unfortunately not. I have a day job and a family and slot in writing where I can. They say to write what you know, but if I wrote a story based in superstore, centered around my job, I'd bore you all to tears.

 A bird flew in the store the other day, and that was probably the most exciting thing that's happened in the years I've been there...

But my dream is that one day, just maybe, I can leave this store (like the bird did) and write full time. 

Where did your idea for Adrenaline Jake come from?

When I was writing stucky fanfiction an anon sent me a request to write mafia Steve, and his kept boy, Bucky.

I wrote a fanfic called Yours for the Taking, with Bucky stealing a painting from mafia boss Steve. I really enjoyed writing the fic, and developed the characters into Jake and Maddox while getting rid of the painting (In favor of a diamond)

I enjoyed writing the series, and Jake and Maddox have a special place in my heart (Along with Carl)


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