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What are your writing plans for 2024?

This year is all about finishing off each series.

My goal is to finish The Bakery Brothers, followed by the Behind Bars series. (Freshman, Psychopath & Rat re-releases)

Then finally write the last book in the magpie rhyme series, Six for Gold.

When with you re-release The Freshman?

I'm planning to release Freshman on the 1st of July with Psychopath following on the 1st of August and Rat on the 1st of September.

All three need a rewrite and a new cover.

'The' will be dropped from their titles and they'll be grouped together in a series called 'Behind Bars'.

They will be included in Kindle Unlimited and will be sold as paperbacks too.

What are you currently writing?

Currently I'm writing the fourth Bakery Brothers book, The Starman Strategy.

I'm hoping for a late May/early June release date depending on how the write goes.

How may books will there be in the Magpie Rhyme?

There will be six books in the Magpie Rhyme series, ending with Six for Gold.

Five for Silver has been accepted by Evernight publishing.

We haven't started the editing process yet though and release is usually six months on from acceptance.

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