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Gears and Tears

I'm really happy to say my May/December novella was accepted by JMS, and I have a release date of 22nd of December.

Here's the synopsis:

Sam’s lusted after his best friend, Ellie’s, dad for what feels like forever. Blond hair, icy blue eyes, and a paramedic, literally saving lives, Sam can’t help the longing he feels.

With his best friend away in her final year at university, Sam decides to change his life, and start studying. He knocks on Ellie’s dad’s front door to borrow her textbooks and is immediately swamped by emotion at the sight of Dean.

Dean offers his home as a study place for Sam, and he gratefully accepts.

They bond over a TV show called Gears and Tears and watch it together each Saturday. As the episodes pass, Sam’s lust morphs into love. He can’t help his feelings but the finale looms, and Sam isn't sure what the end of the show will mean for him and Dean...


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