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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I've veered off course from writing a prison romance, and have taken a small detour through Ancient Rome in the form of an erotic novella.

What to expect?

A hot, rugged gladiator called Maxim.

A sweet but feisty slave called Cassius.

Non-con and dub-con.

(These are both in the form of under the influence sex, Cassius is drugged, not by Maxim, but his domina and remembers very little about his first two encounters with Maxim.)

Slight blood play.

Nothing too heavy...yet.

Same formula as Adrenaline Jake.

Ten chapters in an 'episode' and the word count usually ends up around the 30,000 word mark.

Will I write more?

I'd love to write more :) I'm half way through, and not only am I enjoying it, I'm eager to return to writing my prison romance instead of dreading it. Who knew this detour could be so therapeutic.

When will a teaser be ready?

I'll put the first two chapters of Maxim up in a post soon for everyone to read and see if it's for them ;)

Stay safe, happy reading.

Louise <3


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