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Prison Slang UK edition

Banged up: sent to prison.

Bent up: Being restrained.

Burn: Tobacco.

Bounty: Goods.

Category A: High security prison. Prisoners who pose the most threat to the public, the police or national security.

Category B: Local prisons or training prisons. Training prisons hold long-term and high-security prisoners.

Category C: Training and resettlement prisons. They provide prisoners with work, training and classes to help them resettle back into the community. Most of the prisoners in the UK are in Category C Prisons.

Category D: Minimum security prisons.

Celly: Cellmate.

Cons: Convicts/prisoners.

Cowboy: A new prison officer.

Doing time: Serving a sentence.

Doing bird: Serving a sentence in cockney rhyming slang.

Dosh: Money

Diesel: Prison tea.

Drama: Fight or assault.

Dirty protest: Covering your cell in feces.

Fish: First time prisoner.

Grass: Informer or snitch.

Jacket: Prisoners file.

Kettled/ being kettled: Boiling water and sugar. The boiling hot syrup is thrown over inmates.

Mess or Mess hall: Dinning hall.

Mug: A cup or an idiot.

Necking: A disciplinary.

Nosh or Chow: Food.

Screws: Prison officers.

Pad: Cell.

Pad mate: Cell mate.

Pad spin: Cell search.

Padded up: Sharing a cell.

Papers: Drugs. Coke, heroin or meth.

Potted/piss pot: Feces and urine in a bucket. Usually thrown over a prison officer.

Storage compartment: Anal cavity.

Second shelved: Way up in your anal cavity.

Sweat box: Van that brings you to prison.

The Block: Solitary confinement.

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Dan May
Dan May
Jun 08, 2023

A ‘Peter’ is slang for a cell. It derives from Victorian times when there was an infamous robber called Peter Pell. Cockneys hijacked it and created the slang for a cell becoming a “Peter Pell” - although more commonly shortened to being called a ‘Peter’. When sharing a cell with another inmate, people refer to it as being ‘petered up’ with someone.

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